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Full-service Commercial
Roofing Services

  • New roof installation
  • Roof repairs & maintenance
  • Roof inspections & safety evaluations
  • Custom roofing solutions
  • Wide variety of roofing materials & styles
  • Low slope & steep slope roofing systems
Roofing System Options

Roofing System Options

  • New Roof Installation

    We work with builders, contractors, and owners during the building phase to install a new roof system. With trained and safety-oriented employees on our installation crews, you can be certain your new roofing system will be installed to the manufacturer’s specifications with quality that only comes from certified and experienced roofing personnel.

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  • Recover Systems

    Roof recover systems include TPO Roofing, PVC Roofing, EPDM Roofing, Fleece-backed Systems, roof coatings, and sometimes Modified Bitumen. These can be applied over existing assemblies, as long as building codes are met, saturated insulation is removed, etc. Because the original assembly is left in place and the cost for labor and disposal of the primary roof system is reduced, recovery systems can be a cost-effective option.

    Roof coating systems are also a viable recovery option when properly planned and installed. These are recovery applications which provide resurfacing to an existing roof system. Certain criteria must be met for Roof System Coatings to be an effective and long-lasting option for commercial low-slope roofing systems.

  • Roof Replacement

    Re-roofing your facility is the most costly of all applications. It is, however, the absolute best option in most circumstances. This option requires that the structural decking be inspected for safety reasons. R-values and energy requirements can be adjusted to help reduce energy consumption.

Roof Asset Management

Roof Asset Management

Cannon has a roof asset management system that keeps your roof operating at peak performance.


    During an inspection, we evaluate the roof condition, determine potential leak areas, and document deficiencies and safety concerns.

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    While performing general maintenance we fill pourable sealer pockets, perform flashing touch-ups, clean and clear drainage pathways, provide rust prevention, and adjust displaced pipe supports and walk pathways.

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    We provide you with a detailed report of our findings with recommendations to maintain and ensure the full life expectancy of your roof. We also note areas of concern for safety and building integrity. The report also serves as a future historical record.


    We offer a knowledgeable approach to any short and long-term concerns with your roof, allowing you to properly budget and estimate your roofing costs for years to come.

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